Suit Up!!

If there is one things that speaks boss lady without even saying a wort is a Suit! 

Well its time for us ladies to bring our A game on our suits game. A suit doesn’t have to be pants, the are gorgeous skirt suits than you can rock confidently and still feel like a boss!

Have you ever seen how sophisticated and gentlemen like when a guy is wearing a suit? I think it’s about time we own suits as well. Even when you are not a formal person or don’t really wear formal for work you can still rock a suit on Sunday to church and change the perception that only men can wear suits. #GirlPower

The best thing that one can do for themselves is to make sure it is properly tailored to fit all your curves and body. Unfortunately but fortunately for us woman we’ve got great assets which we need to consider when getting a suit but that does not mean hide them no. You must definitely show them off. Make sure the suit fits you right in all your good places.  

There are a few things you must keep in mind when purchasing a tailored suit since a suit can fit any type of body but you need to make sure it covers your body nicely. 
– If you have an hour glass figure or pear shaped figure you can get a slim fit pants.

– If you have an apple shape figure or more of a straight type of body you can get straight cut or slim boot. 

– Consider the fabric of the suit. Which means if it’s spring or summer you would want to get something you can breathe in. Nothing to heavy something you can easily throw on without worrying about you getting too hot. 

– If it’s winter look for fabrics which are warm, you can ask your tailor about the season fabrics and colors.

– A suit must always fit properly. From length of the arms and legs to the width of the legs and the arms. 

– The lining inside a tailored suit says a lot about a tailor and how much love was put into making the suit.

– Check things like pockets holes, seems and if there is no extra threads hanging on your suits. Don’t get robbed check your suit to the tee! After all it’s tailored therefore the work done it must be on point. 

– You must be able to move and be very comfortable in a suit. You must basically feel like a million bucks when you wearing a tailored suit
So ladies time for us to own our looks by making sure we Suit Up. 
Because…time for us to boss up and #SuitUp


Bra’s and Things

Here is the thing about matching bras and panties and wearing a bra or panty that fits you like a glove…it’s the sexiest thing any women can do for themselves and not have to feel guilty about it.
Firstly ladies can we give a round of applause to ladies that wear matching sets! I mean honestly you can never go wrong with that. This is just my opinion but I think women who wear matching underwear sets appreciate themselves better and are more likely to walk around the house in their underwear because of the confidence it gives them to feel sexy from the inside to the outside.
I think it is very tacky and unladylike to wear them in bits and pieces. How would you feel if you fainted at work or a public place and they had to undress you (let’s just say your body was overheating)? And you wake up to realize there’s a handsome looking doctor (who could be potential bae if you single) who helped you out and you had bits and pieces of underwear! Can I die right now?! My point is you never have to get ready if you always ready honey. 
Here are some few points on how to get your Bras and Things right:

– You can get your bra size measured up by real professional in any department store or underwear store and it’s all for free

– Knowing your correct bra size will help you in future. Wearing the wrong bra especially for ladies with big chest can strain you back

– You can go online to learn about bra shapes and see which one will suit you best

– Learn about different shapes and sizes of bras to know which one to wear for every outfit

– Never be scared to asked “which bra goes with this” when you getting an outfits (fashion assistant are knowledgeable on these things)

– Have at least one black set and one nude set, for those all white parties. 

– Own at least one proper fitting strapless bra and seamlessly panties 

– Last but not least Always wear a matching bra and panty. They don’t have to be expensive or glamorous, you just have to make an effort for your own sake.
 So ladies can we get this right please. Do the right thing and get yourself a matching underwear set
Because…its always s great to look good from the inside to the outside 

My Love For Black Heels

Well ladies here is the thing about these shoes: They are literally my ride or dies heels!
And well, we all need to have a good pair of  black heels to rely on all the time and I must say black is the color  to go for. The important thing is to have a quality pair to last you a life time, in that way you won’t have to buy black heels every month. I always say to people quality verses quantity especially when it comes to your shoes, more importantly Heels. Do Not compromise  for cheaper heels  because the cheaper the heel the more dangerous they are to your feet!  Can you imagine you breaking your heel while you on a serious date? I don’t even want to think about it…talk about awkward moments in life! No can do honey!

If you know you can’t afford a nice pair of proper shoes well girl you better start saving! Or better yet start a saving club with your girlfriends for shoes, I mean a little push won’t kill you and in that way you know you won’t skip on your saving and you’ll have people to go shopping with if you get confused on which pair to get…any excuse to shop right? 

It does not have to be Steve Madden unless you lovvveee them like me but it can be anything you like and anything you feel comfortable in and anything  that fits you well. The important thing is that like a little black dress a lady must  ALWAYS have  a gorgeous pair  of black heels around. And ladies doesn’t mean when they are black they must be boring, your shoes must always make a statement, so make sure yours scream look at me NOW! when you wearing them 😉
Because…every gorgoes lady deserves a great pair of black heels. 

The Blacker the Blazer The better the look

I remember a time I used to tell people that owning a black blazer is an investment and they laughing at it.

A good quality black blazer can do so much to an outfit that you wouldn’t even have to try to look smart. There is just something so sexy about someone pairing a black blazer in the right way which is basically anyway you want. As long as you kill it!

But the best way to rock a black blazer is…

  • Pair it with boyfriend jeans to give you that I’m sexy but I’m not going to try hard look
  • You can wear a sexy leather pencil skirt for a day at the office
  • Add a crop top, short and converse sneakers for those chilled braai vibes with friends
  • Or just add a very tight but stretchy blue jeans for date night with the ladies

These are just a few but there is so much one can do with a good quality black blazer they look becomes so effortless and beautiful  so for those who don’t like looking like you tried too hard this is a must have.

Because…Grab yours and be effortless….



Blue Jeans!!!

You could never go wrong with a pair! In my years of retail I have discovered that every girl in this world has to have a great pair of BLUE jeans! I say this because we all need that go to outfit …

Source: Blue Jeans!!!

Blue Jeans!!!

You could never go wrong with a pair!

In my years of retail I have discovered that every girl in this world has to have a great pair of BLUE jeans!

I say this because we all need that go to outfit that can fit all the occassions. These are very easy to pair with anything and what is nice is that a good pair can reslly last you a lifetime.

The important thing about wearing jeans is not being afraid to wear your size. Yes I know ladies its an everyday struggle to come to terms with our hips and bums but I mean there are there for a reason. Now with a good pair of gorgeous Blue Jeans you can show what your mama gave ya!!!! With that said here are some few tips on how to match your favourite jeans…

  • White tank and jeans…This is very Very simple! I mean its also very cheap to pull this one on. You just need a gorgoes pair of heels to match them up. The nice thing about wearing a white top is that it is limitless with other colours. It does not matter what colour shoe you’ll be wearing but I promise you’ll be looking hotttt
  • Blue Jeans with a leather jacket…This is must have winter look of all times. Putting together two timeless pieces that can easily be changed for day to night with a change of shoes
  • Blue Jeans and a jeans shirt…this is what is very well known as jeans to jeans. Can this get any simpler! But the trick is to not wear the same denim colour on top and on the bottom. Add a gorgeos belt to matchyour shoes or bag and you are good to go.
  • Blue Jeans and a blazer…with the correct pair of jeans you can rock this look from the office to a night out town with the ladies. I always say a pair of heels can go a long way. You don’t always have to match your blazer with your shoes but a nude pair goes a long way

Three things to keep in mind when buying a pair of Blue Jeans 1. Know your size 2. Know your colour and 3. Know your Body.

Because…its now time to bring sexy back in those jeans!

Fashion In My Eyes!

My name is Karabo ‘Twiggy’ Matsepe. I am 24 years old and I am a lover of all things fashion. Twiggy is a nickname given to me by my family. I guess they just kind of saw the fashionista in me from an early age.

So now I want to tell you about the way I see fashion in this day and age ‘FASHION IN MY EYES’

I see fashion as a way to express and celebrate our individuality. It is a way to celebrate who we are and sometimes where we are from and where we are going in life.  It gives us a chance to be different.

I personally don’t have a particular style or preference in fashion because I don’t like being defined or labelled. I just wear what ever I feel comfortable in and what  I think is suitable. To me it matters not if it correct in someone else’s eyes as long as I am my self in what ever I am wearing and that is what ‘FASHION IN MY EYES’ means.

Because…if what you are wearing defines you then you’ll be in danger of being called the garbage lady just because you wearing a t-shirt with holes!