Suit Up!!

If there is one things that speaks boss lady without even saying a wort is a Suit! 

Well its time for us ladies to bring our A game on our suits game. A suit doesn’t have to be pants, the are gorgeous skirt suits than you can rock confidently and still feel like a boss!

Have you ever seen how sophisticated and gentlemen like when a guy is wearing a suit? I think it’s about time we own suits as well. Even when you are not a formal person or don’t really wear formal for work you can still rock a suit on Sunday to church and change the perception that only men can wear suits. #GirlPower

The best thing that one can do for themselves is to make sure it is properly tailored to fit all your curves and body. Unfortunately but fortunately for us woman we’ve got great assets which we need to consider when getting a suit but that does not mean hide them no. You must definitely show them off. Make sure the suit fits you right in all your good places.  

There are a few things you must keep in mind when purchasing a tailored suit since a suit can fit any type of body but you need to make sure it covers your body nicely. 
– If you have an hour glass figure or pear shaped figure you can get a slim fit pants.

– If you have an apple shape figure or more of a straight type of body you can get straight cut or slim boot. 

– Consider the fabric of the suit. Which means if it’s spring or summer you would want to get something you can breathe in. Nothing to heavy something you can easily throw on without worrying about you getting too hot. 

– If it’s winter look for fabrics which are warm, you can ask your tailor about the season fabrics and colors.

– A suit must always fit properly. From length of the arms and legs to the width of the legs and the arms. 

– The lining inside a tailored suit says a lot about a tailor and how much love was put into making the suit.

– Check things like pockets holes, seems and if there is no extra threads hanging on your suits. Don’t get robbed check your suit to the tee! After all it’s tailored therefore the work done it must be on point. 

– You must be able to move and be very comfortable in a suit. You must basically feel like a million bucks when you wearing a tailored suit
So ladies time for us to own our looks by making sure we Suit Up. 
Because…time for us to boss up and #SuitUp


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