Bra’s and Things

Here is the thing about matching bras and panties and wearing a bra or panty that fits you like a glove…it’s the sexiest thing any women can do for themselves and not have to feel guilty about it.
Firstly ladies can we give a round of applause to ladies that wear matching sets! I mean honestly you can never go wrong with that. This is just my opinion but I think women who wear matching underwear sets appreciate themselves better and are more likely to walk around the house in their underwear because of the confidence it gives them to feel sexy from the inside to the outside.
I think it is very tacky and unladylike to wear them in bits and pieces. How would you feel if you fainted at work or a public place and they had to undress you (let’s just say your body was overheating)? And you wake up to realize there’s a handsome looking doctor (who could be potential bae if you single) who helped you out and you had bits and pieces of underwear! Can I die right now?! My point is you never have to get ready if you always ready honey. 
Here are some few points on how to get your Bras and Things right:

– You can get your bra size measured up by real professional in any department store or underwear store and it’s all for free

– Knowing your correct bra size will help you in future. Wearing the wrong bra especially for ladies with big chest can strain you back

– You can go online to learn about bra shapes and see which one will suit you best

– Learn about different shapes and sizes of bras to know which one to wear for every outfit

– Never be scared to asked “which bra goes with this” when you getting an outfits (fashion assistant are knowledgeable on these things)

– Have at least one black set and one nude set, for those all white parties. 

– Own at least one proper fitting strapless bra and seamlessly panties 

– Last but not least Always wear a matching bra and panty. They don’t have to be expensive or glamorous, you just have to make an effort for your own sake.
 So ladies can we get this right please. Do the right thing and get yourself a matching underwear set
Because…its always s great to look good from the inside to the outside 


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