My Love For Black Heels

Well ladies here is the thing about these shoes: They are literally my ride or dies heels!
And well, we all need to have a good pair of  black heels to rely on all the time and I must say black is the color  to go for. The important thing is to have a quality pair to last you a life time, in that way you won’t have to buy black heels every month. I always say to people quality verses quantity especially when it comes to your shoes, more importantly Heels. Do Not compromise  for cheaper heels  because the cheaper the heel the more dangerous they are to your feet!  Can you imagine you breaking your heel while you on a serious date? I don’t even want to think about it…talk about awkward moments in life! No can do honey!

If you know you can’t afford a nice pair of proper shoes well girl you better start saving! Or better yet start a saving club with your girlfriends for shoes, I mean a little push won’t kill you and in that way you know you won’t skip on your saving and you’ll have people to go shopping with if you get confused on which pair to get…any excuse to shop right? 

It does not have to be Steve Madden unless you lovvveee them like me but it can be anything you like and anything you feel comfortable in and anything  that fits you well. The important thing is that like a little black dress a lady must  ALWAYS have  a gorgeous pair  of black heels around. And ladies doesn’t mean when they are black they must be boring, your shoes must always make a statement, so make sure yours scream look at me NOW! when you wearing them 😉
Because…every gorgoes lady deserves a great pair of black heels. 


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