The Blacker the Blazer The better the look

I remember a time I used to tell people that owning a black blazer is an investment and they laughing at it.

A good quality black blazer can do so much to an outfit that you wouldn’t even have to try to look smart. There is just something so sexy about someone pairing a black blazer in the right way which is basically anyway you want. As long as you kill it!

But the best way to rock a black blazer is…

  • Pair it with boyfriend jeans to give you that I’m sexy but I’m not going to try hard look
  • You can wear a sexy leather pencil skirt for a day at the office
  • Add a crop top, short and converse sneakers for those chilled braai vibes with friends
  • Or just add a very tight but stretchy blue jeans for date night with the ladies

These are just a few but there is so much one can do with a good quality black blazer they look becomes so effortless and beautiful  so for those who don’t like looking like you tried too hard this is a must have.

Because…Grab yours and be effortless….




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