Blue Jeans!!!

You could never go wrong with a pair!

In my years of retail I have discovered that every girl in this world has to have a great pair of BLUE jeans!

I say this because we all need that go to outfit that can fit all the occassions. These are very easy to pair with anything and what is nice is that a good pair can reslly last you a lifetime.

The important thing about wearing jeans is not being afraid to wear your size. Yes I know ladies its an everyday struggle to come to terms with our hips and bums but I mean there are there for a reason. Now with a good pair of gorgeous Blue Jeans you can show what your mama gave ya!!!! With that said here are some few tips on how to match your favourite jeans…

  • White tank and jeans…This is very Very simple! I mean its also very cheap to pull this one on. You just need a gorgoes pair of heels to match them up. The nice thing about wearing a white top is that it is limitless with other colours. It does not matter what colour shoe you’ll be wearing but I promise you’ll be looking hotttt
  • Blue Jeans with a leather jacket…This is must have winter look of all times. Putting together two timeless pieces that can easily be changed for day to night with a change of shoes
  • Blue Jeans and a jeans shirt…this is what is very well known as jeans to jeans. Can this get any simpler! But the trick is to not wear the same denim colour on top and on the bottom. Add a gorgeos belt to matchyour shoes or bag and you are good to go.
  • Blue Jeans and a blazer…with the correct pair of jeans you can rock this look from the office to a night out town with the ladies. I always say a pair of heels can go a long way. You don’t always have to match your blazer with your shoes but a nude pair goes a long way

Three things to keep in mind when buying a pair of Blue Jeans 1. Know your size 2. Know your colour and 3. Know your Body.

Because…its now time to bring sexy back in those jeans!


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