Fashion In My Eyes!

My name is Karabo ‘Twiggy’ Matsepe. I am 24 years old and I am a lover of all things fashion. Twiggy is a nickname given to me by my family. I guess they just kind of saw the fashionista in me from an early age.

So now I want to tell you about the way I see fashion in this day and age ‘FASHION IN MY EYES’

I see fashion as a way to express and celebrate our individuality. It is a way to celebrate who we are and sometimes where we are from and where we are going in life.  It gives us a chance to be different.

I personally don’t have a particular style or preference in fashion because I don’t like being defined or labelled. I just wear what ever I feel comfortable in and what  I think is suitable. To me it matters not if it correct in someone else’s eyes as long as I am my self in what ever I am wearing and that is what ‘FASHION IN MY EYES’ means.

Because…if what you are wearing defines you then you’ll be in danger of being called the garbage lady just because you wearing a t-shirt with holes!